Ready to Sharpen Your Edge and Shave Time Off the Clock?

Have you developed a strong foundation in your horses, but still aren’t clocking in competition?

Do you ever feel stuck in your barrel racing, wondering what could possibly be missing?

Maybe you’ve invested your heart & soul into running barrels, but STILL come up short.

If so, I know how it feels to work SO hard, only to be incredibly disappointed.

But I also know barrel racers – and we don’t give up easily.

You probably KNOW deep down there is potential hiding. If you are determined to find it, then you’re in the right place.

I’m Heather Smith, the creator of and the best-selling barrel racing book series that is bridging the gap between barrel racing dreams and reality – one run at a time.

If you are FINISHED with feeling frustrated by the distance between where you are, and where you want to be in your barrel racing, then I have something special for you.

In My NEW barrel racing exercises book I Shared 50 Barrel Racing Drills and
Exercises that Made A World of Difference for Me, and Can Do the Same For You.

    The Next 50 Barrel Racing Exercises for Precision on the Pattern will help you…

    • Teach your horse to truly engage his body around the barrels for quicker and more powerful acceleration through, and away from the turns
    • Determine your horse’s “perfect pattern” with specific measurements and steps for maximizing efficiency (and minimizing your times)
    • Incorporate simple barrel racing drills and exercises for improving YOUR balance, timing and coordination to become a quicker, more athletic jockey
    • Create mental softness in your horses, resulting in greater physical responsiveness – even under the intense pressure of high-speed competition
    • Help sensitive, over-achieving horses connect to your body language, to dissolve anxiety and assumption-making, for more instant and effective communication
    • Overcome the dreaded “second barrel drop” with multiple barrel racing drills and exercises to correct position and footfall (finally putting an end to shouldering and tipped barrels)
    • Stop the unnecessary cycle of repetitive fixing, schooling and tuning, by perfecting your horse’s circles for correct & consistent turns that happen easily and naturally
    • Differentiate between engagement and collection, then put these individual qualities into action on the pattern for increased power (and speed) in your runs
    • Make simple, subtle adjustments to your horse’s body position to set them up for a perfect first barrel, in ALL types of arena set-ups and ground conditions
    • Develop quality movement without micromanagement through responsibility – so you can trust your horse to do his part in a run, making your job easier
    • Follow conditioning schedules that meet the unique needs of timed speed event athletes to get your barrel horses in the best (and fastest) shape of their life

    You’ll also benefit from THREE Bonus Sections, including:

    • Pre-ride and run stretches for solidifying healthy movement patterns and lengthening stride.
    • A trouble-shooting plan for quickly getting to the root of problems and creating lasting solutions.
    • Tack & bit tips to select and adjust your gear for the difference that makes the difference!

These benefits are a lot to take in, I realize.

But I only want you to feel overwhelmed when you’re achieving results because of them! 😉

You see, Volume 3 is different than my other #1 best-selling barrel racing books.

It includes more photos and diagrams for even quicker, easier application.

I did this because I know exactly how limited our time can be as barrel racers, and I respect yours.

I too, am committed to personal growth, yet am selective in how I spend my resources.

What makes this barrel racing exercises book especially unique and valuable, is that I’ve shared the how, when, where and why – for making the most out of ANY exercise.

You can find barrel racing drill diagrams anywhere. However, high-level barrel racing requires much more than steps, and much more than strategy.

The Real Secret to Training Winning Barrel Horses Isn’t So Much WHAT We Do, But HOW.

Which is why, in The Next 50 Barrel Racing Exercises I’ve included the success formula for applying each exercise, and even combining them with others.

Essentially, I’ve revealed the process for putting it all together (with precision) on the pattern – in A WAY that’s in-depth, yet simple to understand and apply.

After a major barrel racing breakthrough in 2011, I realized the things that made the biggest difference for me weren’t (and still aren’t) common knowledge.

It was then that I became incredibly inspired to share my discoveries.

Ever since, I’ve been committed to helping barrel racers (and their horses) WIN, in the arena and out.

For me, winning encompasses specific principles and methods for developing equine athletes that are driven by a genuine and foundational LOVE for them – AND the challenge competition presents!

Barrel racing is the ultimate test of connection. It’s an opportunity to take something great, and make it even better.

My desire to share “101 barrel racing exercises” and the hard-earned lessons that took my own barrel racing from good to great has finally come FULL CIRCLE.

In staying true to these values, I wanted to go above and beyond with The Next 50 Barrel Racing Exercises.

So I’ve created a special Video BONUS just for you – featuring footage of me riding, training and demonstrating the exercises, with barrel racing tips for truly maximizing your results.

We each have different learning styles. And sometimes, it takes ALL of them to really capture the meaning and feel behind something.

Watching the BONUS video is like having an intimate, front row seat to a clinic or sitting on the arena fence for a personal strategy session.

I created this book because I want you to feel like a success,
and make YOUR barrel racing dreams, more than just dreams.

If you entered a big barrel race next weekend and lowered your time by just 3 tenths and jumped up a division – what would THAT be worth to you? (I think I know the answer to that question!) 🤔

Video & Workbook Bonus

    The Next 50 is right up your alley, IF you’re ready to:

    • Reveal the hidden potential in your horse (and yourself)
    • ENJOY reaching your goals without excess repetition & stress
    • Achieve results in alignment with the quality effort you put in
    • Gain the respect of your barrel racing friends, family & peers
    • Feel a sense of pride for accomplishing the WINS you deserve

Whether you’re near the top of your game or just getting started, this book was developed to be a map for taking a leap to the next level.

Regardless of where we’re at on our barrel racing journey, and we ALL need a little guidance at times to show us the way – and to help us believe it’s possible.

And IT IS possible for YOU – I BELIEVE IT! 🙋

So to celebrate your upcoming results and the launch of my book, when you purchase today, you’ll also receive a second FREE GIFT – a 30-page, printable, Arena-Side Workbook featuring diagrams and short descriptions of each exercise.

This FREE, instantly downloadable PDF Workbook is the perfect companion to the actual book, and is something I developed to be printed and easily accessible – whether at the barn, trailer or arena.

This special, quick-reference Workbook, however is only available for a limited time, so COMMIT to barrel racing excellence now.

Just follow the THREE SIMPLE STEPS below to order The Next 50 Barrel Racing Exercises for Precision on the Pattern and you’ll receive access to your BONUS Video and FREE downloadable PDF Workbook instantly via email.

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Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, and as always – thanks for joining me!

Heather Smith

I appreciate and admire your commitment to being THE BEST, and I look forward to seeing YOU down rodeo road!

As always, don’t forget – Precision is POWER. 😉

With Gratitude and Excitement for Your Barrel Racing Future,

Professional Barrel Racer, Best-Selling Author, and creator of
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ FIVE STAR Reviews for The Next 50 Barrel Racing Exercises for Precision on the Pattern.

Precision on the Barrel Pattern

5 5 1
This book is very beneficial for both the beginner, as well as the advanced rider. I enjoyed detailed explanation of the why, when, and how. Beautiful pictures. Horsemanship is a continuous journey. This book is filled with useful nuggets to compliment anyone's program. Love the numerous exercises to troubleshoot or enhance. Thank you for this valuable resource!

No Words, Just Amazing

5 5 1
This book is so great. I love Heather and the way she works with horses, she is amazing. This book just demonstrates how to do drills and really all there is. I loooove it!

Can't Wait for Another 50 Exercises

5 5 1
This is just as good as The First 51 Barrel Racing Exercises! I have flags for references throughout the book. I recommend it to anyone who is serious about training your horse to run barrels competitively.

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